Optional Services

We offer Optional Mail, Fax and Call notification Services.

Optional Mail, Fax and Call notification Services.

Optional Services

Optional Service

Shinjuku Business Garden offers the following optional services to let you know when you receive important business communications.


Optional services Monthly Fee Deposit
Notification by phone
  • Includes up to 50 call notifications per month.
    100 yen for each call notification over 50. 
    This service may incur additional toll charges because we must contact you. These charges are not included in the monthly fee, and must be settled separately.
5,000 Yen None
Incoming mail, fax, and phone log reports sent by e-mail
  • Includes 30 e-mails reports per month*. 100 Yen for each e-mail report over 30 in one month.
3,000 Yen None

Not including sales tax

* No month-to-month rollover credit for any of the notification or report methods listed above.
* If you do not receive any correspondences in a given day, we will not send a report on that day.

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